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High quality, portable moisture analyzers. Our analyzers are your reliable companion in the field, during the drying process and afterwards in storage.


Intelligent grain monitoring & control with AgroLog. We help you secure your crops and values with solid systems, valuable data and a new software.

NEW! C-pro with app

C-Pro is a new pocket-sized digital grain moisture meter that delivers consistent results. Grain moisture meter with bluetooth and app.

High quality systems
for every need

We offer a wide range of temperature monitoring systems
to suit your requirements for grain quality management

From a single silo up to the biggest silo plants we can make individual solutions to fit your needs. We offer both wired and wireless systems to ensure flexibility to suit your silo or silo plant and the temperature monitoring systems are available either as small handheld devices or fully integrated PC- controlled systems.

AgroLog is our newest innovation where we combine solid hardware with the newest technology-based software. A software that will help you make the right decisions regarding your crops and values.


We offer up to 20 local crops in all our 
moisture analyzers

The Superpro measures the moisture content in grain and seeds. Grinding, compression, automatic temperature compensation and an averaging facility lead to more reliable re-sults. Several readings will automatically be used to create an average reading. All moisture meters are preprogrammed with up to 20 of the local crops. 

We offer two year guarantee.

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Click on our product videos to see how easy it is to increase the quality control of grain and ensure the maximum profit: Before harvest, during the storage and afterwards when selling the crops.


The portable grain moisture meter with built-in grinder

The Superpro is a high performance moisture meter used in the field to determine when to begin harvesting. The Superpro is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and during storage to avoid deterioration of quality or spoilage.


Pocket-sized grain moisture meter with built-in grinder

The Farmpro is used to measure water content in grain and seed in the field. The Farmpro is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and while the grain is in storage to avoid deterioration in quality or spoilage. It is very handy and easy to use whenever needed.


The original Supertech moisture meter for grain and seeds

The Farmpoint is the original Supertech product designed to measure the moisture level of grain and seeds. It provides essential assistance in the field when determining the best time for harvesting and is also used for regular moisture measurement during the drying process and in storage.