The portable moisture meter for Biofuels, Wood Pellets and Sawdust 

The Biopoint is used to determine water content in wood pellets or sawdust from heating wood. 
The right water content in the combustion mass, gives the cleanest burning and highest energy extraction. The Biopoint is also used for regular moisture measurement during storage, before use. 


Reliable and quick measurement of wood moisture

  • Easy to operate

  • Calibration for wood pellets and sawdust from both hardwood and softwood

  • Digital readout with accuracy to one decimal point

  • Combined test cell and compression unit

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Automatic calculation of average value

  • Individual calibration for all bio fuels types

  • Can be updated with new moisture scales

  • We offer two year warranty on the Biopoint

  • Invented and produced in Denmark


Quick and easy

The Biopoint is a sturdy tool with a built-in test cell made of polished aluminium and a casing made of shockproof ABS plastic. It comes in a shockproof carrying case, so you can take it with you on the tractor, in the forest, etc. 
The robust design makes the Biopoint very handy. With the local language in the display and pre-programmed with wood pellets and sawdust, the Biopoint is quick and easy to use.

The Biopoint Moisture Analyzer:

Simple to use in four easy steps:


Turn on the tester by pressing the ON/TEST button. Use the arrow keys to select bio fuel type.


Fill the test cell.


Screw on lid until the pressure indicator is level with the top of the lid.


Press the ON/TESTbutton and read the moisture content directly from the display.

Principle of measurement

The Biopoint measures the moisture content of the wood sample using high frequency. The exact moisture value is calculated by means of an advanced measurement technique, developed through many years of hands-on experience. The compression and automatic temperature compensation features, ensure  high reliability of the Biopoint for moisture management of Biofuels, wood pellets and sawdust.

Average readings

The changing nature of the wood properties when they are just cut down or during storage make average readings a significant advantage. Freshly felled wood often has greater variability compared to wood stored for some time. Errors are frequently ±0.5% and can be bigger in very wet, very dry or freshly chopped wood.
The Biopoint can be used to quickly make several separate measurements. Four to five readings will automatically be used to calculate a reliable average value. By using average and calibration adjustment the accuracy can be better than ±0.5%, in the normal moisture range.


To adjust the calibration of the Biopoint

Biopoint is factory-calibrated for wood pellets and sawdust from both hardwood and softwood. The calibration scales are compiled using samples of wood grown in normal conditions. Differing growth factors between years and varieties can have an effect on the electrical characteristics of the wood. It can therefore be necessary to occasionally recalibrate the meter.


  • Measuring range (Moisture): 4.5 % to 67 % 
    depending on biofuel type

  • Operating range (Temperature): 0 to 50 ºC

  • Resolution: 0.1% moisture

  • Temperature compensation: Automatic

  • Weight including case: 1.5 kg

  • Dimension: 21 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

  • Battery: 9 V Alkaline

  • Display: 2 line LCD 


  • Calibration for wood pellets and sawdust
    from both hardwood and softwood

  • Digital readout with accuracy to
    one decimal point

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Combined test cell and compression unit

  • Measuring cell made of polished aluminum

  • Can be updated with new moisture scales

  • Automatic calculation of average value

  • User friendly experience

  • Native language in the display

  • Casing made of shockproof ABS plastic

  • Supplied in shockproof carrying case

  • 2 year guarantee