C-PRO - the grain moisture meter
that connects to your smartphone

Effective grain storage is essential for ensuring high crop quality and to prevent loss of product. Moisture Management is the key to safe storage. Our C-Pro is the new generation of our Moisture Mangement product line where we combine the latest technology with our solid built-in grinder hardware for grain and seeds. We feel safe to say that this is the worlds most technically advanced handheld grain moisture meter.  

  • Know the moisture content in your grain and seeds

  • Easy to use. 4 easy steps and you are good to go

  • App included. The easy interpretation of data helps you make better decisions

C-Pro is a new pocket-sized digital grain moisture meter that delivers consistent results. The grain or seed is ground and compressed in a single operation which ensures state of the art measurement of the samples water content. With the new C-Pro we have developed a special app which allows you to get GPS location and timestamps for each measurement and to keeps track of your measurement history. Handier and more convenient than ever before.   


C-Pro is super easy to use and handle

  • Turn on the tester by pressing the ON button

  • Use the arrow keys to select grain type

  • Pour the sample into the grinder. The sample size is measured out in the built-in measuring cup

  • Grind the sample

  • Press the TEST button and read the moisture content directly from the display

  • View the results in the app and compare with recent readings

Let C-Pro guide you to better control of your crops. With the new app, the measurements are synchronised to a smart device and listed for you automatically. Every measurement is paired with GPS location and a timestamp.

The overview is yours - also on the go. See the video below.

Know the moisture content
and avoid spoilage

When it comes to grain quality management it is essential to know the moisture level before harvest, during the drying process and in storage. With C-Pro you can keep the moisture and temperature levels sufficiently low by being in control in every step. The app will give you an overview of data – fast, simple and from anywhere.


  • Sync measurements from the device to the app

  • Low energy Bluetooth Connection

  • Track GPS location of each measurements

  • Track time of measurements

  • Add images and notes to measurements

  • Connect to multiple devices



  • Digital readout with accuracy to one decimal point

  • Combined grinding and compressing of sample

  • Built-in measuring cups

  • Automatic temperature compensation

  • Grinder made of hardened galvanized steel

  • Casing in shockproof ABS plastic

  • Automatic calculation of average value

  • Individual calibration for all grain types

  • Can be updated with new moisture scales

  • App included

  • 2 years guarantee


  • Measuring range (Moisture): 5 to 50%
    Depending on crop type

  • Operating range (Temperature): 0 to 50 ºC

  • Resolution: 0.1% moisture

  • Temperature compensation: Automatic

  • Weight including case: 2 kg

  • Dimension: 13x21x8 cm

  • Battery: 9 V Alkaline

  • Display: High resolution color display

  • Accuracy: Better than +/- 0.25% in normal moisture range,by using average and
    calibration adjustments

Directions on how to use the app

Download SA Moisture Connect from Google Play. Also soon available on App store.

The app for C-Pro is called “SA Moisture Connect” and is designed in a very user-friendly way. Download the app, connect with your devices and you are ready.

If you need any help, please contact your local dealer or our technical help desk

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Keep track of measurements in SA Moisture Connect

From the main menu in the C-Pro app you have synchronised data from all of your measurements which will give you a historical overview over time. If needed, you can always delete data and start over. Keep track of measurements in an easy way. Let the app do the work for you.