ISO 9001 – Supertech Agroline

Supertech Agroline is ISO 9001 certified and uses ISO 9001 as a quality management system both internally and externally to provide clear definitions of business processes, values, ongoing monitoring and evaluation. 
The fact that Supertech Agroline is ISO 9001 certified, gives us a quality management system that is recognized throughout the world and is, for many, synonymous with quality, efficient management and structured customer dialogue.

Some of the benefits our customers get from our ISO 9001

  • Supertech Agroline can produce transparent agreements

  • Supertech Agroline processes are optimized and thus saves resources

  • Efficient, fact based management

  • We can be more active, effective and responsible players

  • Through efficiencies gained, Supertech Agroline can free resources for development and customer care

  • Improved satisfaction – from customers, dealers and within the organization.

  • Strengthened competitiveness by focusing on the customer, the customer’s needs and expectations

  • Optimized output because products and services are delivered efficiently and at the best possible price


Fires and explosions can occur in silos and bulk storages. This is because in and around grain- and flour-product handling areas are dusty environments and high temperatures, sparks or other ignitions can cause dust explosions. 

ATEX (Atmosphere Explosive) is about the safety and health protection for customers who may be endangered by explosive atmospheres.

By using ATEX approved products for Ex. Silo monitoring, the customer increases self-monitoring, reducing the possibility of loss as well as saving data for later documentation. At the same time the safety of the systems has been approved for the extreme environment they are installed in.

More and more silo owners are faced with higher premiums on their insurance, or a requirement of ATEX approved installations from their own insurance companies. The knowledge Supertech Agroline has in this area can benefit all customers and, in some cases, save money on insurance and increase profits on grain products.


After Sales Service

Supertech Agroline cultivates After Sales Service as a key part of the company’s business structure. From servicing and recalibration of sold moisture meters, to the ISO 9001 quality management system and ATEX approved temperature monitoring systems.
We are constantly striving to adapt our service to the specific client’s needs.
Our aim is: Fast and accurate service to the customer in all phases of the process from first contact to the final solution and After Sales Support.

Service to the customer – Where they need it – When they need it!